7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Door for your Fire Station // Four-Fold Door Manfucturer

Four-Fold doors on Fire Station   SPEED- What is your response time goal? When every second counts in responding to call it is vital that you are taking every measure you can to ensure that you are getting to the scene as quick as possible. The Four-Fold door system opens in less than half the time of your standard overhead sectional doors. Don’t believe us? Check out the video. Loop detectors that automatically close the door after you exit eliminates the need to sit and wait for the door to close, again cutting out precious seconds.

SAFETY- When a call comes in and the adrenaline surges the last thing you need to worry about is running into a half open door.  Fire truck vs door is definitely going to slow you down! Getting out of the station safely is part of getting out quick and you ideally want both to happen. Features like being able to see the door the entire time it is opening and therefore knowing the exact second it is clear to go and presence sensors & safety edges that make sure the door doesn’t close on a person or vehicle are a must for a critical facility. Horizontal movement of Four-Fold door

CONVENIENCE/EASY MANUAL OPERATION- The power is out and you get a call. How easy is it for you to open your doors manually? The answer should be “Its easy, no big deal at all!” If that is not your answer, well, it might be time for new doors! The Four-Fold door manual disconnect is as simple as pulling the  manual release cable and then swinging the door open.

Pull handle for easy manual operation

Pull handle for easy manual operation

USAGE- How many calls does your station respond to a day on average? Making sure that your doors can stand up to your workload is crucial. Door Engineering’s Four-Fold door system has been designed and tested for 1,000,000 cycles.

MAINTENANCE- There are two things that can be annoying when a door goes down at a fire station- 1. One less way to get out of the station, which can be problematic. 2. Having to find time to fix the door. Standard overhead doors typically require time consuming regular maintenance and are more prone to parts breaking, such as springs. By comparison, the Four-Fold doors though require only minimal standard preventative maintenance and typically the only parts you will be replacing are weather seals or safety edges.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY- Building an energy efficient station is one of the biggest requirements these days. The Four-Fold door offers multiple features that provide greater energy efficiency over a conventional overhead door. With an open/close speed of less than 7 seconds for a 14 x 14 door (the most common size for fire stations) there is minimal heating or cooling loss.  The 1″ insulated glass allows you to have as much glass as you want in your door without comprising climate control. As a last defense in being energy efficient the doors have full perimeter weather seals that keep the weather out.                                                                                                                       Bottom brush seal on Four-Fold DoorCenter seal on Four-Fold door

AESTHETICS- A fire station is an important fixture in a community. It symbolizes help and safety. You want your station to look the part. When building a brand new station so much thought is put into the appearance of the station but often the door is not given much thought.  Given that the doors actually take up a significant part of the exterior and are often most of what can be seen it only goes to stand that they should be a very important aesthetic feature. Door Engineering’s Four-Fold doors panesl can be customized so you can get just the right look for your fire station design. The doors below were designed to match the very original doors of the station!

Original doors on the fire station

Original doors on the fire station

Design recreation on Four-Fold door panels

New Door Engineering doors

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