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Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors-Door Engineering Style

What makes our Bottom Rolling Hangar Door superior to the other manufacturers? Well, for starters our hangar doors are shipped in factory fabricated modular-assemblies that results in a higher quality hangar door and less job site erection time saving money and ensuring a quality end product!  The other guys will send you your door essentially in pieces for field assembly. […]

Throwback Thursday-Hangar 9 Refurbishment

Our customer, Tectonic Management Group,  asked us to assist in providing the perfect solution to refurbish the existing hangar doors on Hangar 9 located in Oakland, California. The hangar was initially constructed for the navy back in 1942! The customer’s main concerns for the new refurbished hangar doors at this facility were safety, security, longevity, ease […]

Ownership Change-Press Release

Senneca Holdings (“Senneca”) is proud to announce that it has acquired Door Engineering. Headquartered in Kasota, Minnesota, Door Engineering designs and manufactures customized industrial, commercial, aviation and specialty doors. With over 10,000 door systems installed worldwide, Door Engineering’s door systems are built for not only long-lasting durability but also for low maintenance, speed, and safety. […]

Fire Station Near You?

We get asked a lot from customers on where they can find the nearest fire station to them that has our doors and we are happy to help them but we also love making things super easy for people. So we did just that! We created an interactive map with all of the fire stations […]

50 Years!!

We have been in business for 50 years this year! It is an accomplishment that we are extremely proud of. In those 50 years we have manufactured nearly 10,000 doors for everything from fire stations to hangars to amusement park rides. We have doors in all 50 states and in 14 countries around the world. […]

Aviation hangar Refurbishment Success!

Door Engineering along with TBS Industrial Doors was approached to update an existing hangar that our customer purchased. They needed the hangar to meet today’s safety operating standards and current building codes. The customer’s main concern for the new hangar door at this facility was safety, security, longevity, ease of use and simplicity.  Another important factor was that the door […]

Parking Garages Need Four-Fold Doors

Bold statement? Maybe, but also true in many situations. All the advantages that the Four-Fold has to offer over overhead doors benefits a parking garage as much as it does say, a Fire Station. The quick opening speed is perfect for travelers who are in a hurry, the horizontal movement means they will get thru […]

Custom Door Project Spotlight: Bet Shalom Synagogue

The beautiful Bet Shalom Synagogue, near Minneapolis, was symbolically designed with the sanctuary at the center of the building.  A beautiful glass, moveable wall system was created to divide their worship area from the common room. Through close collaboration between Door Engineering, the architects, the engineers and the wall panel manufacturer, Door Engineering developed a […]