Aviation hangar Refurbishment Success!

Door Engineering along with TBS Industrial Doors was approached to update an existing hangar that our customer purchased. They needed the hangar to meet today’s safety operating standards and current building codes.

Prior to refurbisment

Prior to refurbisment

The customer’s main concern for the new hangar door at this facility was safety, security, longevity, ease of use and simplicity.  Another important factor was that the door must be sized to allow their clients aircraft to enter the hangar bay without having to move/disrupt the other aircraft already stored.

To determine the best solution for the customer we did a site inspection of the existing hangar and learned more about the aircraft soon to arrive. After reviewing everything our answer was simple; the H-Series, Model HWU520 “Smart Rails” door system was the perfect fit. This is a five-section, unidirectional, electrically operated door that opens either to the right or left hand side.

Exterior elevation of bottom rolling hangar door after refurbishment

Exterior elevation of bottom rolling hangar door after refurbishment

Safety is always a top concern, this is why each leading edge of these power operated door sections is a full height safety edge. In addition, located at each operator assembly are constant pressure open and close pushbuttons. This requires the person operating the door to apply constant pressure to the pushbutton and walk with the door as it opens or closes, thus insuring this person a clear view of the doors path.

To remove any security concerns, there is an exterior pushbutton pendant Station that requires a key to active either the open or close pushbuttons. Access from the exterior cannot be achieved when the door sections are in their fully closed position!  Our “Quick-Disconnect” operators lock down the door when not in use by the brakemotor and with the “Linked-In” bumpers interconnecting the door sections, all the doors are secured protecting person/property.

With all the options this door system provides, it is still extremely easy to use.  To move aircraft in on the left side of the hangar bay you open door section 1 by pressing the open pushbutton, door section 1 will pick-up and move section 2, pick-up and move section 3, 4 and then stack behind door section 5 giving the full clear width.  To move aircraft in on the right side of the hangar bay you open door section 5 by using the key to activate the exterior pushbutton pendant station, press the open pushbutton, door section 5 will pick-up and move section 4, pick-up and move section 3, 2 and then stack in front of door section 1 giving the full clear width.

The customer had wanted a door system that would work for them for years to come. Well, we have been designing, building and meeting customer’s needs with our bottom rolling hangar doors for 50 years! Our factory fabricated W-beam top tracks and bottom rail assemblies, along with our modular door framing design, telescoping top rollers, and sealed bottom wheel/housing assemblies meet today’s building deflections and codes, with years of trouble free, safe and secure service. Our door systems are the definition of longevity.

The customer was more than happy with the solution that Door Engineering and TBS Industrial Doors provided and even happier when the project was completed ahead of their tight deadline!

Interior elevation of Bottom Rolling Hangar Door

Interior elevation of Bottom Rolling Hangar Door after refurbishment


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