Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors-Door Engineering Style

What makes our Bottom Rolling Hangar Door superior to the other manufacturers? Well, for starters our hangar doors are shipped in factory fabricated modular-assemblies that results in a higher quality hangar door and less job site erection time saving money and ensuring a quality end product!  The other guys will send you your door essentially in pieces for field assembly. Same goes for the bottom rails & top tracks. We will ship your bottom rails in 30-foot sub-assemblies with the cross ties welded to the rails every 5 feet and the top guides are shipped in 40-foot sub-assemblies with the cross bracing welded to the W4x13 beams every 5 feet.   This factory fabricated sub-assembly design insures proper centerline-to-centerline spacing for the rails & guides which therefore substantially reduces the installation time of these components. For the rails, we also include the rail anchors and expansion bolts, which are not required to be embedded in the first pour of concrete (that’s just us going the extra mile).  In addition, we provide the rail grout forms that are field attached to allow for a clean and level second pour of concrete.  Included with the top guides are factory supplied closure panels that allows for the soffit sheeting to be field attached providing a weather tight seal.

Top track assembly

Top track assembly

Bottom rails with included grout forms

Bottom rails with included grout forms

The weatherseals we use are also top notch and factory installed! Vertical door-to-door weatherseals between adjacent door sections, at the jamb and at the center are opposing bulbs of two-ply cloth-inserted neoprene with a resilient urethane foam core.  These seals compress against each other to provide a seal far superior to conventional flap type seals that our competitors use.  In addition, these bulb seals do not rub across the hangar door sheeting while the door is in motion. Door Engineering only uses horizontal flap seals at the head and sills.

factory installed weatherseals

Factory installed weatherseals-vertical bulb seal and horizontal flap seal

We provide a factory wired and prepped electric motor operator, which drives a double flange steel wheel on the bottom rail, with integral brake and emergency manual operation capability (quick disconnect).  Controls include magnetic reversing starters, thermal overload protection, control circuit transformer, relays, disconnect switch, and NEMA 4 enclosure.  All wiring internal to the powered door section(s) is factory tested. A factory prepared draped SO cord power supply system to the door operators is also included.

Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors are ideal for small to large hangar applications because of the multiple configurations that are available.

Bottom Rolling Hangar Door on FBO

Finished Hangar Door on a FBO

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