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Custom Door Project Spotlight: Bet Shalom Synagogue

The beautiful Bet Shalom Synagogue, near Minneapolis, was symbolically designed with the sanctuary at the center of the building.  A beautiful glass, moveable wall system was created to divide their worship area from the common room. Through close collaboration between Door Engineering, the architects, the engineers and the wall panel manufacturer, Door Engineering developed a […]

Custom Door Project Spotlight: Starlight Amphitheater

The one-of-a-kind outdoor Starlight Theatre, located on the Rock Valley College campus, was in need of a 60’ wide by 30’ high stage door. Door Engineering and Manufacturing designed a bi-parting, bottom rolling stage door that complemented the theatre’s unique features. The performer’s safety was the first concern when designing this project. The sliding door […]

Custom Door Project Spotlight: Vestas Wind Turbine Manufacturing Plant

Vestas, a wind-powered turbine manufacturer, was in the final stages of completing its  new tower manufacturing plant in  Pueblo, Colorado. Because the tower assemblies are so large, the metalizing rooms were not big enough to allow the complete tower fabricated assembly to enter and be worked on. Door Engineering was asked to design and build […]

Custom Door Project Spotlight: Wisconsin Institute of Discovery

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, designed their unique new building to encourage human health, exploration and discovery. Door Engineering and Manufacturing didn’t skip a beat designing and manufacturing the modern, circular conference/meeting room walls located in the lobby of the building. When this 70 foot diameter, sound proof […]