Custom Door Project Spotlight: Vestas Wind Turbine Manufacturing Plant

Vestas, a wind-powered turbine manufacturer, was in the final stages of completing its  new tower manufacturing plant in  Pueblo, Colorado. Because the tower assemblies are so large, the metalizing rooms were not big enough to allow the complete tower fabricated assembly to enter and be worked on. Door Engineering was asked to design and build a custom door solution.

Door Engineering manufactured 16, 18’ wide by 26’ high, double swing doors. A 15’x15’ circular cut-out was incorporated in the center of the door to allow the tower assemblies to enter from one side of the metalizing room, become metalized and then continue to move through as the tower surfaces were prepped. Vinyl draft curtains where hung from the cut-out and draped over the tower assemblies to reduce contaminates from entering the prep bays. Precision designed hinges were used because of the size and weight of the door. Door Engineering’s solution allowed the manufacturing process to run as intended and each tower assembly remained in the assembly line to be prepped and metalized before receiving the finish paint.

Custom Swing Door Custom Swing DoorCustom Swing DoorCustom swing door

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