Hangar Door Project Spotlight // Duncan Aviation

Duncan Aviation FBO with Door Engineering bottom rolling hangar doors.

Photo credit: Duncan Aviation

Duncan Aviation is a big name in the Aviation industry so we were honored to be able provide 4 bottom rolling hangar doors for their Lincoln, NE FBO. We worked with Techtonic Management Group, Inc on the design of the door systems to make sure Duncan Aviation was getting the best door system for their needs. 

Each of the four doors were our HWB640 model and fit the opening size of 190′-0″x 28′-0″. The HWB640 model is our “smart rail” hangar door design with six sections. The placement of the Quick Disconnect Operator is what makes this “Smart Rail” hangar door design unique.  Door sections 1, 3, 4, and 6 all have the operator assemblies mounted within the door framing. Electrical power to these operator assemblies is given by the use of an interior mount electrical feed rail that provides the power to both inner door sections 1 and 6. The incoming power for center outer door sections 3 or 4 is provided by a draped SO electrical cord coming from either door sections 1 or 6. Doors can be operated by the door mounted pushbutton stations.

This design also offers the most flexibility of all of our hangar door systems. Due to the operating system the door sections can be stacked in numerous configurations allowing various hangar bay access. All this is done without requiring door pockets!

The hangar door installation went smoothly thanks in part to the highly experienced Dan’s Overhead Doors and More. 

You can read the article in HangarSphere full more information on the entire FBO project. 

*Photo Credit: Duncan Aviation

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