Parking Garages Need Four-Fold Doors

Bold statement? Maybe, but also true in many situations. All the advantages that the Four-Fold has to offer over overhead doors benefits a parking garage as much as it does say, a Fire Station. The quick opening speed is perfect for travelers who are in a hurry, the horizontal movement means they will get thru safely & without damaging your door and the high cycle ability means you don’t have to worry about your door breaking in the middle of a busy day. In a time where designing pleasing to the eye buildings is more important than ever before, the Four-Fold doors can match any design or look you want to achieve which means they’ll stick out in the best way.

Four-Fold Parking Garage Door

Parking Garage Four-Fold Door with Grille inserts

Four-Fold Parking Garage Door

Custom wood panel Parking Garage Four-Fold door.

Four-Fold Parking Garage Door

Solid sheeted Four-Fold parking garage door

Four-Fold Parking Garage Door

Custom panel design to match original building doors

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